Introducing the Weird Barbie Project on Instagram (@WeirdBarbieProject)

If you haven’t yet heard, the Barbie movie is a cultural phenomenon. Not to mention it’s making a ton of money at the box office worldwide. While I thought the film was good (not phenomenal like many others felt… you can follow my honest and unpretentious movie reviews on Facebook and Instagram @cinefile13), the one standout was the Weird Barbie character.

So, a few friends and I came up with a fun little social media project called the Weird Barbie Project. The idea is to promote self-expression, uniqueness, self-acceptance, and childlike wonder through the creation and/or sharing of ones own “weird Barbie” doll.

There are a few ways to participate. Firstly, you can start your own “Weird Barbie” chain. Take any Barbie (or Barbie-like doll) and customize it. Share it on social, and then pass it along to someone else to do the same! See how long the chain goes and how weird Barbie gets! Option number 2 is to share your original “Weird Barbie”. If you still have your own well-loved “weird Barbie” from your childhood, share a pic and tell the world their story! And of course option 3 is to create your own “Weird Barbie” now. Buy or find a Barbie (or Barbie-like doll) and customize them to your liking! Share a pic and show the world your creativity and uniqueness!

Follow @weirdbarbieproject today on Instagram! Take part in the project (it is open to LITERALLY EVERYONE, regardless of age or gender), use #weirdbarbieproject, and of course tag us @weirdbarbieproject so we can repost you!

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