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For a long time I’ve considered doing movie reviews, but could never find the time to do them. As a major cinephile, I see just about every new film that releases in theaters. With that said, I’ve also always been somewhat turned off by the idea of movie critics because so often they take movies that I love and rip them to shreds – sometimes with fair reasoning, but sometimes seemingly just for the sake of being pretentious.

I’ve never been someone to put much stock in what movie critics have to say. I obviously love many films that critics have reviewed favorably, but I also love some films that critics have absolutely panned. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I think that sentiment rings true for all art forms – including film. Yes, there are certainly soulless cash grab movies out there (looking at you, every live action Disney remake ever). But for the most part, I’m someone who can find something to like in just about every movie I watch. So at long last, I finally decided to start making my own movie reviews. Nothing too serious, but that’s the point. I’m not looking to make a living criticizing others’ work – I’m simply sharing my love for cinema while providing quick, honest reviews of new films in a hopefully unpretentious way.

I rate films on a scale of Great (4-5 Stars), Okay/Good (2-3 Stars), and File 13 (0-1 Star). In case you’ve never heard the phrase “file 13” before, it essentially means garbage. So if something belongs in file 13, it means it belongs in the trash. I don’t know, I thought it was funny and self-deprecating to call myself a trash cinephile. A cinephile who just loves movies for the sake of loving movies, but doesn’t have the pretentious and condescending opinions half the critics on sites like Rotten Tomatoes seem to have for some reason. Plus, 13 is my lucky number – so it works on multiple levels.

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