Pozz Games Hits 100 Subscribers on YouTube

As the title suggests, my charity gaming YouTube channel – Pozz Games – hit 100 subscribers the other day. To most this probably doesn’t seem like much, but as someone who has spent A LOT of time on YouTube over the years – both as a content creator and as a content consumer – I know hitting 100 subscribers is a big milestone.

Hitting 100 subscribers for me adds a level of legitimacy to the project that didn’t exist nearly as much while the channel was in single and then double digits. As someone who has YouTube channels with tens of subscribers, hundreds of subscribers, and even one with thousands of subscribers – every little milestone like this is still very exciting and very much appreciated. That’s probably the real reason I continue to launch and grow YouTube channels – I just really love the challenge of growth.

Hitting 100 subscribers is often seen as the first major milestone for YouTubers – outside of perhaps getting your very first subscriber or just launching the channel to begin with. I’m excited that the content I’ve been cranking out on the Pozz Games channel has been resonating with people – especially my “This Month in Games” videos that consistently outperform even my own expectations.

My goal with this channel moving forward is to continue raising awareness and funds for cystic fibrosis research. At this time, all pledges made on the channel are backed entirely by myself – meaning every dollar donated by the project is my own. I hope that as the subscriber count grows, I’ll be able to secure a few sponsors to back these pledges in exchange for promotion in videos and on the channel.

Of course the YouTube channel is also just the beginning of the Pozz Games project – representing its “promotion” arm. The plan for as the project grows and as the promotion arm becomes well established is to expand into game production and distribution as well – still with a focus on raising awareness and funds for cystic fibrosis research. Production and distribution are still a good ways out, but today – hitting 100 subscribers on the YouTube channel – is one small step in that direction!

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